Lynx Wireline Services Ltd offers the knowledge and training to install, remove and troubleshoot all Baker, Otis and Camco equipment.  We are specialists in our field and our services include:

  • Electronic Recorders
  • Surface Box Installation
  • Fishing Services
  • Plunger Installations
  • Slickline Swabbing
  • Dump Bailing
  • Gas Lift
  • Critical Sour Operations
  • Inline Swabbing
  • Subsurface Safety Valves
  • Wellhead Changes
  • Plugs, including G Packoff, A Packoff
  • Locks, including Otis X, XN, R, RN and Baker S, W, R, with any style of bottoms such as T, Choke, Standing Valve and Blanking
  • Manipulating Sleeves Including Model L Sliding Sleeves