Lynx Wireline offers a combination swab / wireline mast unit that is capable of Inline Swabbing and all mechanical wireline duties, but at a lower pressure than slickline.


Ideal for production swabbing, all fluid can be swabbed to existing tanks on location, or directly down pipeline, reducing additional trucking, and cleaning costs.  7/32 braided line is capable of going in against pressure of 3000 kPa!


We also carry most slickline tools, and can perform any mechanical slickline duty.  Our mast unit can pull up to 4000 lbs and is ideal for hard pulling and jarring.   Only one unit is required, so the footprint is lower than traditional slickline.  The rig is equipped with N2 for purging, and braided line is good for up to 2% sour.


All in all, the Mast Unit is a great alternative for low pressure slickline work.


Want to fish out a stuck plunger?   Inspect the spring, and re install?  Maybe that well needs to be swabbed after.  No problem!  We can do it all with this one rig!


Call Jim, today, and lets do some work!